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The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks and no one has raised money nor is doing anything against it.

What has happened?

The Amazon Rainforest has been burning rapidly for more than 3 weeks without any news reporting it properly. Thanks to social media, the world has reacted to it and gave it the attention it needed. It has been the biggest deforestation caused by fire since 2010.

RAISED 5000.- CHF in 36 hours!

Why is this so bad?

The Amazon Rainforest makes up around 20% of the air we breathe and holds 20% of the freshwater flowing on the planet. It acts as one of the biggest carbon sinks which holds up to 100 years worth of carbon emissions caused by humans. Look at it as the lungs of our planet. Amazonia acts as well as a home to millions of species and native people who get their home destroyed by the fires. Losing so much of the Amazon rainforest due to fires is really critical for our future and the stability of the planet. The rainforest acts as a self-sustaining system which is getting destroyed step by step. We are reaching the tipping point of the self-sustaining loop where the rainforests self-sustainability is critically endangered. 

Our solution

We want to raise as much money as possible in order to plant new trees in the Amazonian region. While we can not put out the fires, it is up to us to replant part of the forest and help in every way we can for it to grow back. It is the future of OUR planet, OUR children and ALL OF US. 

How YOU can help!!!

We have raised over 4`500 USD in less than 24 H thanks to everyone participating. 

The best way for you to help is to make people aware of the ongoing tragedy and share as many pictures on Social Media as possible. Making people aware helps us by getting more donations and being able to plant more trees. Help us make this go viral.

1. Share our post on Instagram and tag us @save.amazonia.now with the #saveamazonia

2. Make your friends and family aware of the problem 

3. Put the following link in your bio to help us plant more trees: www.gofundme.com/f/saveamazonia

How are we planting new trees?

After talking to several organizations, we have decided to donate the money to a non-profit organization called OneTreePlanted. 
OneTreePlanted has been focusing on replanting trees all around the world. 

1$ = 1 Tree

Once we donate the money to OneTreePlanted, they will use every single dollar to replant trees in the Amazon rainforest to help local communities, 
animals and the forest itself.

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From our donators...

  • Politicians and big concerns give a sh%! about our future and the well beeing of our home! So it is up to us to clean up the mess and to save our planet!

    Philippe S.

    donated CHF50
  • WIR die Natur brauchen um zu LEBEN!!!

    Senad B.

    donated CHF30
  • I want to save our future

    Yann Z.

    donated CHF50